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The Lake
is actually considered to be a three lake chain.  The middle lake is very shallow and the speed limit is always 8 MPH. The boat launch is on the first (south) lake.

Speed Limit: There is an 8 MPH speed limit on the lake(s) except during
 summer ski schedules and has specified times. During those times the
 speed limit is 35 MPH.

Hours of Operation: Skiing is allowed between the hours of 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Where to Ski: There are two (2) designated ski areas. They are in the South lake and the North Lake. Ski zones are identified by orange buoys. Please stay INSIDE of those buoys. Please ski COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

Fishing: Please follow all WDFW rules. Fishing is allowed all year long. Be sure to read the current regulations prior to fishing.

SKI and Boating Rules:   

Waterskiing is permitted on Lake Roesiger from May 25th to September 25th.

Hours for waterskiing are from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Water skiing is permitted only within the water ski course as defined by the round orange and vertical white regulatory marker buoys (see map)

Water skiers must ski inside of marker buoys in a counterclockwise direction (see map)

All vessels exceeding 8mph must remain within the ski course and travel in a counterclockwise direction.

All vessels must turn right after dropping off a skier.

Vessel speed limits on Lake Roesiger are as follows:

8 mph before 10:30 and after 5:30 pm

35 mph inside water ski course 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

8 mph at all times while outside of the water ski course.

All persons in vessels shall remain seated while vessel is underway.

Every motorized boat shall yield the right of way to sailboats, rowboats, water skiers, swimmers and divers.

Vessels towing any type of water skier shall have an observer 10 years of age or older

All vessels exceeding 8 mph shall remain 200 feet from shore and 100 feet from all other vessels, skiers, swimmers, bathers, all buoys, diver's flags, floating objects, swimming areas and other designated areas.

Swimming is prohibited within the water ski course during waterskiing hours.

Water skiers and persons on personal watercraft are required to wear type I, II, or III personal flotation devices (Coast Guard Approved)

All persons 12 years and under are required to wear U. S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices while on board a vessel

All vessels are required to have readily available personal floatation device type I, II, or III (Coast Guard Approved) for all persons all board

Vessels 16 feet or longer must also carry at least one type IV throwable personal flotation device (Coast Guard Approved)

Fire extinguishers (Coast Guard Approved) are required on all vessels with internal combustion motors.

All internal combustion motors shall be equipped with a muffler

A red / orange 12 inch square SKIER DOWN FLAG, mounted on a 2 foot pole must be HIGHLY displayed when a skier is down.REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS
Any motorized vessel longer than 16 feet operated in Washington State, having an engine larger than 10 horsepower, must be registered. For further information on vessel registration, contact the Washington Department of Licensing or the Snohomish County Auditor's Office.

It is unlawful to operate a watercraft in a manner so as to endanger life or limbs or damage property.

It is unlawful to operate a watercraft in a manner as to endanger any person or property.

It is unlawful to operate or be in physical control of any watercraft when under the influence of intoxicating liquor or narcotics.

The operator of any watercraft involved in an accident resulting injury or death to any person or in damage to property, shall immediately stop and give name, address, name

and number of vessel and name and address of the owner of the vessel, and shall render reasonable assistance. Report of an accident must be filed with the Snohomish County Sheriffs Office within 48 hours, if the accident involved a death or personal injury requiring medical treatment, or property damage in excess of $200.00.

Remember you must be at least 14 YEARS OLD to operate a personal watercraft.

Always remain a SAFE DISTANCE (MINIMUM OF 100 FEET) from other
  boats, buoys, skiers and swimming areas.

Please observe the NO WAKE zones near boat launches and docks.

To help reduce NOISE, please refrain from operating your personal watercraft close to shorelines with residences or during early morning hours.

All persons on board a personal watercraft must wear an approved PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICE.




      When traversing between the boat launch and the larger lake (north lake)
      take extreme care through the middle lake with a depth of 4.0 ft and
      the 1.5 ft depth of the portage point between the middle and north lakes.