RICH HISTORY

                                    By Kristi O'Harran


Richard homesteaded the area with his family at what is now the Lake Roesiger County Park.

COMMENT: Read about the Pioneer who immigrated from Germany kept diaries of his experiences.
Lake Roesiger was named for this pioneer. 
There are 35 years of diaries - they have been found and preserved. They date from 1889.
The article includes a PIX captioned:
Elsie Sorgenfrei (left) and Monika Teuscher-Schramm look at diaries written by Richard Roesiger around 1889.
The Sorgenfrei surname is familiar to me as I went to school with Ann Sorgenfrei - perhaps this is her mother, or a relative.
I saw Ann Sorgenfrei at the Memorial Service for Anna Kinch whom I wrote of recently.
Monika Teuscher-Schramm is a relative Roesiger as he was her great-uncle. 

Read how the diaries had been found in "a California storage unit" and might have been trashed by persons unfamiliar with the

value of the content. Through the efforts and research done by Elsie Sorgenfrei, the diaries have been discovered and are preserved. he even recorded in his diary entry about an earthquake that happened in 1891 recording the date and the exact time that it happened. Another entry in 1891 recorded the visit of Pres. Harrison to Seattle.
Copies of some of the diaries have been given by Sorgenfrei to the Everett Library. Teuscher-Schramm has shared some of the diaries with family in Switzerland after which those diaries will be donated to Everett Library.
This preservation of history is the work of Sorgenfrei and a Roesiger descendant who want a plaque as a marker in a park honoring Richard Roesiger documentation of history which is being preserved for all to see. 

Lake Roesiger is located 12 mi. N of Monroe, WA.

A PIX captioned : Richard and Caroline Roesiger entertain a young visitor. Beneath the picture is a page from Richard Roesiger's diary and postmarks from the Ortrand, WASH. post office he ran. 
The postmark must be quite r a r e and would no doubt be a collector's item among today's collections. 
I checked my 1916 map but was unable to find Ortrand 12 mi. N. of Monroe. One would have to consult a Gazateer for 1892 for that is the date - May 1892 stamped onto the pages of the diary. There is a book on old post offices in which it might appear. I found the post office at Hartland, WA in a copy of that post office book, which is an obscure postmark.