Wake Board Boats and Jet Skis - Comments and suggestions from owners

Comment #1

First, boating, skiing, fishing ... and power boating is part of the heritage of this lake.

For those that have not lived here long enough, Larry Swizzo was a GREAT long time resident that helped everyone. He also was the first skier out at 10:30 AM on May 25th. He died trying to clear a fallen tree during a wind storm. He and I had many long discussions on how to preserve the heritage of this lake. He anchored all the original buoys and re-set them each year....for many years. Families like the Brian & Marnie Anderson's have been instrumental in creating a balanced and thoughtful environment. A great place to live and raise your families.

We have a special lake ...and a heritage to maintain. In today's world of quick opinions, I would ask each member to please add their best intentions to help keep this an amazing place to live.

* Boating helps settle the spring algae and muck that has settled all winter.
* Boating makes this one of ( I think ) only 4 lakes in Snohomish County that allow power boating.
* It also makes your property value maintain its value in bad times, and makes it extremely valuable in good times.
* Power boats aerate the water. Good for the fish and crustaceans that live here too.
   Thanks, Tim Dickison - Website Guy

Comment #2

We live up in the Northern part of Lake Roesiger and weíve been up here for about 3 years.  Iíve noticed a lot of homeowners concerned about the erosion of their lake front from the waves caused by wake surfing boats.  Repairs and how to rebuild their bulkheads are common based on this newer activity on the lake.  Iím wondering if it would be worthwhile to ask the wake surfing boats to drive up the middle part of the lake rather than around the perimeter where the orange buoys are set.  Maybe that might minimize the wave impact along the shore.  And also, since I have experience with wake surfing, it doesnít matter where you wake surf.  The water does not need to be still like it does for water skiing.  So even if the water down the middle part of the lake is rough, it wonít impact the wake surfing at all.


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